BLURT Review of Landings

BLURT Review of Landings

It’s indie going steady time once again! Guarantee: all sales are vinyl.


Okay, so the previous BLURT singles column ran back in March. I had such a good time doing it (and with plenty more 7″ers rolling in during the interim) that I really wanted to do it again. Voila, here it is. As I stated last time, you guys can keep your iPods, downloads, MP3s and the like. Meanwhile, I will make sure that my record player keeps working –  in truth, I’d repair it before I’d fix, say, my car, fridge, or oven.  I’d say something goofy (or completely wrong) like, these damn kids these days don’t know what vinyl is all about…, but you know what? They do. Labels still press it, and folks both young and old still buy it.

Long live vinyl!  Here are a dozen recent platters – one of them submitted by a fellow BLURT-er, the rest reviewed by me – you need.


Chloroform Days

“Landings” b/w “Evelyn”

(CulDeSac Kids)

Chloroform Days – a/k/a Cali guitarist/vocalist and sampler-laptop whiz Cory Milano – follows up his extraordinary No Traffic EP with an earworm platter of shiver-inducing, ambient-laced pop. The icy intro motif of “Landings” gradually thaws into a indiefilm soundtrack-worthy anthem (Sundance, are you listening?), while the B-side’s kinetic beats ‘n’ Rhodes, courtesy Erik Kertes, leavened by Milano’s yearning, sighing vox will melt your heart. Guaranteed. (Fred Mills reporting.)


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