Aural Mixes 1-6

Aural Mixes 1-6

"He felt a lack of security. No place existed in all the world that could be called safe, and he knew for the first time in his life that there had never been any such thing as safety, and never would be, the difference being that now he knew it as a fact, whereas before it was a natural unconscious state.” - Alan Sillitoe

Aural Colage #1

Lazlow’s Aural Colage #1 [16mins 06secs]

Triple Chrome Dipped – Michna
The Way we Get By – Spoon
Rock N Me – Steve Miller Band
Jockin’ Jay-Z – Jay-Z
Berries That Burn – Tobacco
Bollywood Babies – Dj Signify
Nothing to Worry About – Peter Bjorn and John
Little Barrie – Love You

Aural #2

Get up an antenna and just listen [34min 8sec]

I’m Crazy ’bout My Baby – Fats Waller
Action Woman – The Litter
Side C – Sixtoo
Kochira Blink Set – Ilkae
I’ll Be The One – Madd, Inc
The City – Pelican City
Psychotic Reaction – The Leathercoated Minds
Welcome Ceylon – Signaldrift
Tapah – Deru
A Woman of Gradual Decline – The Last Straws
I Fucking Hate Poetry Slams – Department Of Eagles
I’m Crazy ’bout My Baby – Fats Waller

Aural #3

Tucking in the Internets [22mins]

Koto Salad – Chin Chin >
Dingdong Kingdom – Borko >
Taste my Solitude – Flashbulb >
Swiss Glide – Michna >
Bus Stop – -The Nonce >
Fire ant – Bibio >
Xxxplosive – Dr. Dre –
The End – Qwel & Maker >
Dream of the Endless – Christ >
Weed Jam – Deradoorian

Aural #4

Tape Hiss – 21min 23secs

Uma – Willits + Sakamoto
Evil Hearted Woman Blues – Oscar Woods
Good Looking Girl Blues – Furry Lewis
When Can I Change My Clothes – Bukka White
Mama Says I’m Crazy – Fred McDowell and Johnny Woods
My Back To The Wall – Irene Scruggs
So Lonesome – Ramblin’ Thomas
Delia – Blind Willie McTell

Aural #5

Nicotine Patches and Nyquil – [22mins 45 secs]

Born – d_rradio >
All Kinds of Things Featuring Eddie Meeks – Count Bass D and DJ Pocket
Rooftop – Samyiam (Doran’s Message for Hyman)
Berimbau – Baden Powel
Down The Line – Pretty Lights
Forår Til Dec – Boom Clap Bachelors
Away From – Robot Koch >
Prologue – Alexandre Desplat >
Street Talkin’ – Slick Rick Ft. Outkast

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